We offer the following :

Dinner & Lunch Service

Lunch & Dinner menu : a Condensed menu, containing both local and continental fare is proudly produced on site by our Chef.

Shuttle Service

We offer comprehensive shuttle services to and from Ushaka International Airport, all other public transport hubs, tourist attractions and long distance services by prior arrangement.

Concierge Service

We are proud to offer a comprehensive concierge station in our main arena as well as personalized concierge services by well informed members of management.

Laundry Service

We offer complete inhouse Laundry services including outsourced Dry cleaning services at competitive rates.

Comfort Station

We have recently launched our new comfort station concept. We offer our esteemed Guests a wide variety of beverages, soft drinks and juices, selection of candies and sweets/chocolate, salt and savory snacks including home made biltong and dry wors.